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Motor vehicle accidents: Warrants issued for crash of last year

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2018 | motor vehicle accidents

Arrest warrants were recently issued for a 2017 crash that left a driver seriously injured. The two-car collision was one of several motor vehicle accidents on Tennessee roads last year. In this case, arrest warrants were issued for a 47-year-old man for allegedly driving under the influence and vehicular assault in a crash in September. The driver of the other vehicle was hospitalized with neck and back injuries.

According to a report, the seriously injured driver will suffer lifelong effects from the injuries she suffered in the crash. She told police that she was stopped at a red light when the vehicle of the accused crashed into the back of her vehicle. The man was unable to submit to field sobriety tests at the scene because he was shaken up, but a blood test later in hospital apparently showed there was methamphetamine in his system.

Authorities took the accused into custody after receiving the blood test results. He is being held on a $5,000 bond. He will appear in General Sessions court.  

Motor vehicle accidents in Tennessee often result in serious injuries and, in some cases, death. Those who are hurt due to the negligence of a driver have the right to seek legal counsel regarding the pursuit of compensation. By the same token, family members who have lost a loved one in a vehicular accident may be entitled to pursue compensation for their loss. A lawyer may be able to help an injured client, or the surviving family of a deceased accident victim, pursue claims for loss of income, increased medical costs, applicable funeral costs, and pain and suffering.

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