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Tips for avoiding DUI charges in Tennessee

On Behalf of | May 4, 2018 | Uncategorized

If you are over 21, drinking a beer and then getting behind the wheel doesn’t necessarily mean you are breaking the law, unless that one beer causes the blood alcohol content in your body to register .08 or higher.

Then again, some people have faced DUI charges without ever having had a drink. This happens sometimes if a Breathalyzer malfunctions or detects alcohol on the breath of someone who has used cough syrup or mouthwash containing alcohol as an ingredient. That’s why it’s critical to know your rights and where to seek support if a problem arises.

Plan ahead to avoid major trouble

The easiest way to avoid drunk driving is to abstain from all alcoholic beverages whenever you plan to drive. The following tips are useful if you’re looking for ways to steer clear of drunk driving:

  1. Arrange alternate transportation: Modern society includes things like Uber and other taxi services that make for convenient transportation. You won’t get a DUI if you’re not the one driving the car. 
  2. Know your body and how it reacts to alcohol: Do you feel lightheaded, confused, sleepy or off-balance? Such symptoms would be good reason to give your keys to someone else.
  3. Don’t disregard sage advice: If your friend has suggested you allow him or her to drive you home because you don’t appear to be in a good condition to do so for yourself, it may be best to take the offer.
  4. Consume food along with alcohol: Food consumption slows alcohol’s absorption in the body. Always achieve a proper food to alcohol ratio to lower your risk for DUI.

Hopefully, clear thinking and responsible choices will help you stay safe and avoid legal problems. If a police officer does pull you over and you wind up facing charges, it still doesn’t necessarily mean the court will hand down a conviction. Avoiding DUI conviction may be more challenging than avoiding charges in the first place, but that doesn’t always mean it’s impossible.