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Family law in Tennessee: When co-parenting styles differ

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2018 | family law

The reasons people get divorced are many, but its stands to reason that some of the problems may stem from differing opinions on different issues. When a Tennessee couple has kids, it may be that they have different parenting styles, which also could have been a bone of contention and may continue to be, even though they are divorced. There are tools under the family law umbrella that can help parents come together to co-parent in a way that serves the best interests of their children.

Kids have a way of working their parents. And when those parents don’t live under the same roof, things may get a bit tense when it comes to agreeing on things like discipline, what kids should eat — queue junk food — and even their kids’ fashion. But there are times when parents have to let go and not sweat the small stuff. In the giant scheme of things, how important is it that one parent allows kids to have a soda every once in a while and the other doesn’t? Different doesn’t always equal bad.

Sometimes, the issue is about control. If there are bigger issues that are problematic like what kind of disciplinary actions should be used with a child, then perhaps a family counselor may be able to help parents come to an agreement. A parenting plan may also be of help with ironing out these sorts of issues. The bottom line is the physical and emotional well-being of the children.

A Tennessee family law attorney may be able to provide insight on the tools available to divorced clients who are parents. A lawyer may also be able to help in the modification of any existing co-parenting plan. An attorney will always consider what is best for the children involved in each individual case.