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Criminal defense: Tennessee man facing aggravated robbery charge

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2018 | criminal defense

A 58-year-old Tennessee man could be facing years behind bars for the aggravated robbery of a bank. The Johnson City resident allegedly admitted to robbing a bank at gunpoint and as a result could spend the next 25 years in prison. The man, who is in federal custody, is also up against a seven-year to life sentence for a firearms charge.

Police say they recognized the suspect vehicle at a traffic stop. However, the car was being driven by a woman with whom the accused was living. The woman allegedly told the police officer that the accused admitted to her that he had robbed a bank earlier that day. Police arrested the suspect at his residence. During a search of the property, police report that they found a .45 caliber firearm.

The bank that was robbed is located in Elizabethton. The authorities claim that the accused left with an undetermined amount of cash. If convicted and sentenced to prison, the Department of Justice says the man will  face five years of supervised release under U.S. probation laws once he gets out of prison.

Those accused of serious felony crimes in Tennessee such as aggravated robbery, would greatly benefit from strong criminal defense counsel. Penalties can be very strict such as years in prison, fines and the social stigma that comes from convictions. An attorney can provide his or her client with advice on how to best proceed to fight the charges and work toward the most favorably outcome possible. Robbery charges can be fought on a number of grounds and an experienced lawyer can help level the playing field and fight for a just result.