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Family law in Tennessee: Stopping child support payments

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2018 | family law

Some parents who have applied for child support from the other parent change their minds and no longer wish to receive it. In such cases in Tennessee, family law rules apply. Although a court may have mandated those payments in the child’s best interests, a parent may feel otherwise. But having payments stopped cold turkey may not be as easy as all that.

There are a number of reasons one or both parents petition the court to stop child support payments. It could be that the parents have reconciled or that a financial situation of the payee or payor has changed. In any case, if there is a valid reason behind wanting the payments halted, there are ways to go about it.

Paperwork can be filled out at the court that issued the child support order in the first place. It can be filed with the county clerk at that courthouse. Whomever is requesting the payment should be prepared to defend the rationale behind wishing to cancel the payment since court representatives may believe it is in the best interests of any children to receive as much financial support as possible.

Lawyers usually help clients to get child support, but in those instances in which a client wishes support to stop, a Tennessee family law lawyer would also be able to provide advice and guidance. There are areas when it comes to family law issues that can be confusing and complex and an attorney’s experience may come in handy to provide clarity. Knowing what is and isn’t acceptable in terms of issues like child support can save time and possible expense in the long run.