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Are there warnings that could indicate a divorce in your future?

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2020 | divorce

When you think of divorce warning signs, you may think of fighting all the time, a loss of interest in each other or similar things. However, some warning signs are not that obvious. They may, instead, relate to the general details of your relationship. Statistics show that some factors about your relationship could actually put you at higher risk of a divorce.

Business Insider explains that one factor the public often recognizes is marrying young. You probably are not surprised that marrying at a young age, specifically in your teens, increases your chances of a divorce. On the other hand, marrying later in life also increases the chances. Research shows marrying from your mid-30s and above increase the likelihood your marriage will end in divorce.

An interesting factor is affection. Couples who show excessive affection in the beginning of the relationship will often see that relationship end because it is too hard to maintain that level of affection for very long.

If you or your partner does see the other person as an equal, this will also wear on the marriage. This could stem from education level or finances. If for any reason, you do not see your partner as an equal or he or she does not see you as an equal, it strains the relationship and can easily lead to a divorce.

Lastly, if you are well off financially, this could indicate trouble ahead for your marriage. This depends on why you are well off, though. If it is due to income from work, then this is a problem. High income often comes along with a high number of hours spent on the job. This means less time together, which eventually can break down a marriage.