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Possible penalties for DUI in Tennessee

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2020 | dui

Driving under the influence is a serious crime not only in Tennessee but in every state. Therefore, within the law, there are statutes on blood alcohol content limits. If you fail to follow these laws at any time, it may result in fines, revocation of your license, or a jail term. 

Defending yourself in DUI cases can be a daunting task because of the seriousness of these crimes. However, at the Law Office of J Patrick Henry, we understand what DUI defenses can make the court do away with the charges against you. Although every case is unique, we study the specific circumstances for your case to ensure we defend you accurately. 

According to Findlaw, as a first time DUI offender, you must serve 48 hours or 11 months and 29 days in jail, depending on your situation. Besides, there are compulsory alcohol and drug treatment courses for first time DUIs. Also, revocation of your license may follow and a fine of between $350 and $1500. 

If you face second time DUI charges, you will serve a minimum of 45 days and a maximum of a year in jail. Besides, you may face revocation of your license for at least 2 years and possible confiscation of your vehicle. If you get the license back, you will be allowed to drive only to school, work, or to attend court programs. Also, you will pay fines between $1100 and $10000. 

third DUI attracts 6-10 years license revocation and 120 days to a 1-year jail term. Also, you may not be able to get your license back. The law refers to any DUIs after the third as felonies.