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What is the stand your ground law in Tennessee?

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2020 | criminal defense

Stand your ground laws are often in the news because they involve one person defending him your herself against another person. Typically, this will result in a death. A total of 20 states have such laws. The stand your ground law in Tennessee allows you to use deadly force as a form of self-defense when you feel you are in immediate danger of serious harm or death, according to News Channel 5.

This law does not mean that you can use deadly force whenever and wherever you want to. The law applies if you are in or on your property, such as your car or your home. It also applies to hotel rooms when renting those. Generally, the law is meant to help you defend against someone trying to commit a serious criminal act, such as burglary or attempted murder, when you are lawfully using your own property.

You do have to show that you were in fear of the other person and that you felt at the time that you could suffer a serious injury or the person might kill you. You may have to prove your case in court. It really depends on the prosecutor and how he or she views the situation.

Tennessee is one of the states that does not require you to try to get away from the situation before reacting. Some states do have that requirement. The law in this state presumes that if someone is attacking you or otherwise illegally entering your property that you do have a valid reason to be afraid for your own well-being.