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Common reasons marriages end in divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2020 | divorce

Life for married couples in Tennessee does not always promise a fairy tale ending. Unfortunately, more than 40% of first-time marital unions end with a divorce. The numbers are even higher for individuals who take another chance at tying the not. Sixty percent of second marriages result in divorce, and more than seven out of 10 third marriages are terminated.

The most common reason dissatisfied spouses cite for wanting a divorce is incompatibility with their mate. Spouses sometimes find that the differences in culture, religion, upbringing and general views on life that were once an attraction eventually become hindrances to a sustained relationship. Several additional reasons were identified by respondents to a recently released study on divorce causes as causes for marriage dissolution.


Adultery is another main reason for divorce in America. Cheating is an act that is difficult for a betrayed spouse to get over, and it has been the cause of destruction for countless families.

Loss of Intimacy

Many divorcees say a noticeable loss of attraction led to the deterioration of their marriage. People want to feel attracted to their spouse and vice versa. A marriage that is strong in other ways may be in jeopardy when the level of intimacy diminishes.

Financial Problems

American families often bicker over money. The conflicts caused by financial struggles can make it difficult for families to remain together.

Abusive Behavior

Both physical and mental abuse are the root causes of many divorces. One spouse may find that they are no longer able to put up with the controlling behavior, derogatory comments or physical attacks perpetrated by the other.

A dissolved marriage does not necessarily mean that either spouse is a bad person. Many circumstances can spell the end for a marriage between two good people. Individuals who are considering a divorce from a spouse may be able to ensure a smoother process by contacting an experienced divorce attorney.