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Crafting a visitation schedule for children

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2020 | family law

When parents set a visitation schedule, they usually think about what’s best for the child instead of what only works for the parents. In Tennessee, parents sometimes push aside traditional schedules of alternating weekends or weeks to come up with a plan that could include more days with one parent during the month before spending the summer months with the other parent.

Shared options

A 50/50 schedule is typically the most common option when it comes to visitation. A family law attorney can work with the parents to piece together the details of the plan so that each parent spends an equal amount of time with the child. However, instead of sharing weekends or having the child go to each parent’s home every other week, shared custody could involve every other month or a few weeks at a time with each parent instead of one at a time.

Mid-Week exchange

Sometimes, parents might need to make a schedule that involves a mid-week exchange. This would mean that the child would spend part of the week with one parent and the rest of the week with the other. If the child plays sports or if there are special events to consider regarding school or family situations, then this could be an option that works well for everyone involved. Parents can work on a schedule where the child stays at one home on certain days of the week and the other home on the other days of the week with alternating weekends.

Before the stress of determining your child’s living situation takes over, consider meeting with an attorney who can assist in putting together the best plan so that your child is able to spend time with both parents as much as possible.