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Divorce coach: Why you may think of getting one for yourself

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2020 | divorce

Even if a divorce is the best route for both parties involved, the process can be downright frustrating. This is why so many people in Tennessee and around the nation take the time to search for a divorce coach. This is a great idea for those looking to have helpful guidance in addition to their attorney. Read on to learn additional information on divorce coaches and their benefits.

How a divorce coach differs from an attorney

You may be asking yourself why you need a divorce coach if you’ve already hired an attorney. Although an attorney does have the legal knowledge to aid you through the process, they may not have the time to help you process some of the emotional obstacles that appear throughout the process. For example, if you’re conflicted about selling certain assets, a divorce coach can help you separate the business and emotional part of the transaction. An attorney may seek the divorce coach’s help about communicating news to the client.

After the divorce

One of the best things about a divorce coach is that they are not just there during the divorce but afterward as well. A divorce coach can help a client craft their short- and long-term goals. In addition, they may provide their emotional services by listening to the client’s concerns. This is critical to those who may be facing life out of marriage for the first time in years.

A divorce coach can provide many benefits, but finding one should never overshadow the importance of obtaining an attorney first. You’ll want to take the time to vet your divorce attorney before anything else. Your attorney might even recommend qualified divorce coaches in your area.