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Is marijuana legal in Tennessee? 

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2021 | criminal defense

You have been watching the news as marijuana laws change around the country. You saw how states like Washington and Colorado made recreational use of the drug legal, a massive shift from the way it was viewed even 10 years ago. Then you saw the changes in the laws spreading, getting all the way to places like Michigan and Vermont. 

It’s clear to you that public opinions about marijuana are changing. It was always commonly used, but it was still illegal. Now, voters have begun to decide that marijuana should be allowed, though they also typically want regulations on its sale and use similar to the way that alcohol is managed.

Has this same type of legality for marijuana come to Tennessee?

Recreational and medical use of marijuana is not allowed in this state

While it may someday, legalization has not come yet. Tennessee prohibits both recreational and medical use. The only exception is a narrow one, which involves the use of high-CBD/low-THC products for certain types of seizure disorders.

It is also illegal to buy recreational marijuana in a state where it is legal and then bring it back to Tennessee with you. Don’t cross state lines with it in your possession. Some people assume that this is a way to skirt the laws. If you have family in Michigan, for instance, you may think you can go visit for the holidays and come back with a supply of cannabis for yourself. You cannot. If it’s discovered in your possession, you can end up facing some very serious charges, even if you did not break the law when you bought it. 

Are you facing charges over marijuana possession?

What impact are those marijuana charges going to have on your life? Are they going to cost you your job? Will they hinder your education? You do not want something like this to completely change your future. Make sure you know exactly what legal options you have.