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Social media may impact your divorce negatively

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2021 | divorce

Many people use social media today, but they may not realize just how negative it can be in a divorce. When you go on social media during your divorce, you’re opening yourself up to risks that you don’t need to create for yourself. For example, posting a negative comment about your spouse or uploading a photo of an asset could be harmful to your case. This may be particularly true in custody battles, but even childless couples need to be cautious during their divorce about what they post.

Why is this true? Whenever you make a post on social media, there is a potential for it to be taken out of context. On top of that, images, videos and other content could be used against you by your spouse.  

Anything you post can end up part of the court’s official records

Imagine that your spouse accuses you of drinking too much. Then, they pull several photos from your social media throughout the last month where you appear intoxicated. This is something they could use as evidence. On the other hand, you might know that those photos were only specific dates when you were with friends or that you weren’t drinking alcohol at all. 

Staying off social media is a good idea during your divorce

It’s a good idea to stay off social media during your divorce. Anything you post is more likely to hurt you than help.

If you don’t want to delete your social media, that’s okay. Lock it down. Set it to friends and family only or disable the account without deleting it. Make it difficult, if not impossible, for outsiders or your ex to get access to your posts. That way, you’ll be safer and have more control over the content that potentially makes it to the court after you file for divorce