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Reasons why it’s ideal to reach a divorce settlement out of court

| Sep 9, 2021 | divorce

Let’s face it; divorce can be a painful, messy and costly affair. However, you can actually end a marriage on good and respectful terms without having to put up a lot of cash. Reaching divorce settlement out of court is a great alternative to a litigated divorce. It allows the divorcing couple to dissolve their marriage in an amicable and less contentious manner. 

Out-of-court divorce settlements come with several benefits. As already implied, it is cost-effective and can make the whole divorce process much more bearable for the whole family. Most important, an out-of-court settlement minimizes conflicts during the divorce process.

Here are two reasons why you should consider settling your divorce out of court:

It saves time 

Couples that litigate their divorces tend to find that it can take months or years to settle it. Spouses often find themselves caught up in an eternal loop of filing and responding to paperwork during the litigation process. Not only is a litigated divorce time-consuming, but many spouses also discover that it also leaves them both mentally and emotionally drained.

It saves money

You will likely have to pay a fee every time your attorney must respond to different letters or motions. There may also be associated court costs each time your legal counsel files a document at the courthouse. By the time your divorce goes to trial, you will have spent thousands of dollars in legal fees. An out-of-court settlement, on the other hand, is far less expensive. 

Ending a marriage can be emotionally draining. However, contrary to common belief, you do not need a judge to decide how you and your spouse resolve issues in your divorce. Countless couples are able to resolve their differences outside of court. You can likely do the same.