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Will the social stigma of a DUI blow back on you?

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2021 | dui

If you were drinking and driving, or even if you’re just accused of it, you could face many different issues in your life. You may face a citation for driving, heavy fines and possible jail time. You might also find that your career is impacted.

On top of that, there is a possibility that your reputation could be shattered. Among those you care about, some may have strong feelings about drinking and driving. Others may decide to give you space and separate themselves because they don’t want to be associated with someone who breaks the law. Still others may not want to offer a referral to you for a new job or role you’d like to take on.

The social stigma around a DUI has to be taken seriously because its impact can be nearly as significant as the civil and criminal penalties, if not more.

How could the stigma of getting a DUI affect you?

If you get a DUI, you may see some changes in your social life. These might include:

  • Negative impacts due to changes in your reputation. For example, someone may decide not to do business with you because of your DUI
  • Trouble with interpersonal relationships and those who are disappointed or upset at you for getting a DUI
  • Frustration among friends or family who now have to drive you to activities or work

All of these problems can be upsetting, but you have options.

Defend yourself against a DUI

It’s a good idea to consider the social impact of a DUI when you’re defending yourself against it. You will want to consider ways of mitigating information about your arrest or the charges to start with. For instance, you may work to minimize news releases or internet posts about the DUI.

You may also want to put together a strong defense that helps you fight back against the charges and reduce the likelihood of a conviction. Getting a charge dropped or reduced may help you lower the chances of issues in your personal life, since you may be able to keep your license or avoid a conviction on your record.