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A DIY approach to estate planning could be a mistake

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2022 | estate planning

It’s far from easy to talk about what happens in the event you become incapacitated and when you die. These may be things neither you nor your family wants to talk about. Despite this, it is important that families discuss these matters. Estate planning doesn’t have to dominate your life. A lot of security can be provided with a relatively small amount of organization.

To avoid awkward conversations and legal costs, people sometimes take it upon themselves to draft their own will. While there is technically nothing stopping a person from doing this, it is not always an advisable path. Outlined below are some reasons why a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach to estate planning could be a mistake.

Protecting your data

Will templates are readily available from websites online. You can enter your personal data and draft a document. But does it really cover your needs in full and is your personal data at risk? Privacy and online data have been a subject of conversation for many years now. Once your data is online, it is very difficult to guarantee that it doesn’t land up in the hands of an undesirable entity. This is one of the risks of DIY estate planning that is often overlooked. Websites are generally not focused on protecting your data. This will be a top priority if you have experienced legal guidance.

Avoiding disputes

Unfortunately, disputes over inheritance are a common occurrence, and a poorly drafted will can be the root cause of this. You may know exactly what you want to happen to your estate, but this doesn’t mean you can easily translate your wishes into the appropriate legal language. If your will is unclear or unenforceable, then disputes over your inheritance can arise. Ultimately, this means that matters will be left in the hands of the courts, which will not know the unique needs of your loved ones to the same extent that you do.

Estate planning is an important process that you shouldn’t rush. Gaining knowledge of your legal rights in this area will help ensure that your final wishes are honored in full.