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How can you tell if it is too late to save your marriage?

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2022 | divorce

Occasionally the decision to divorce is a straightforward one, at least for one partner. Yet, more often than not, people are unsure whether divorce is the right path or whether there is still a way to turn their marriage around.

While each case is different, research suggests there are four indicators that can help you know when it is probably time to end things and move on:


You need respect for each other for a marriage to function. If your partner treats you with utter disdain, rolling their eyes at you or making withering statements, then it’s a good sign the respect has gone.


Everyone has their quirks and faults, and learning to live with each other’s is crucial to a successful relationship. It is not the end of the world if your partner takes issue with you from time to time. Yet when the instances of criticism outweigh those of support, appreciation or admiration, something is clearly wrong.


There will be things to discuss in any marriage. Yet this can become impossible if your spouse takes everything as a personal attack on them.


This is perhaps the worst sign of all. When your spouse cannot even be bothered to listen to you anymore, it’s a sign they have already checked out of the marriage. They might even have advanced plans to divorce you.

None of these signs guarantee that your marriage is beyond retrieval. Yet there is no harm in getting help to find out more about how a divorce would work.