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Why talking to the cops is never a good idea

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2022 | criminal defense

When you are pulled over or detained by the police, they will likely ask you questions to try and determine if you have committed some type of criminal activity. However, it is never a good idea to speak to the police without legal guidance.

Along with not speaking to the police, you should not agree to let them search your apartment, purse, backpack or vehicle without a warrant. There are a few reasons this is a rule you should always follow. 

You probably don’t know the law as well as you think you do

Even if you believe you haven’t done anything wrong, there are thousands of statutes the police can use to arrest you. You may have done something that’s criminal without realizing it. If you say something about this to the police, they essentially have evidence against you. Remaining silent (which is your right) does not give them this evidence against you. 

The police have the right to lie to you

While you can be prosecuted for lying to the police, the same law does not apply to the police. The police can lie to you if it helps convince you to talk. Police lie to people when investigating a crime all the time. Never assume that the police are being honest with you. Even if what they say sounds good, don’t say anything. 

Understanding your rights when speaking to the police

Most police officers advise their family and friends not to talk to the police when they are suspected or investigated for a crime. It makes sense that you should follow the same advice. When you exercise your right to remain silent, you aren’t giving the police any evidence to use against you if you are arrested and prosecuted for a crime.