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How will divorce affect vacations with the kids?

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2023 | family law

Once you have made it through the trials and tribulations of a divorce, you may decide that what you and the kids really need is some well-earned time away – a chance to spend time together, far from the worries of the past few months.

Bearing this in mind when you are still negotiating the divorce can make that travel simpler. Here is why.

The kids might not be able to cross borders without your ex’s permission

Whether traveling out of state or out of the country, you may be asked to show proof that the other parent has approved your trip with the kids. The idea is to prevent people from running off with the kids and not returning.

You may need to vary the custody schedule

Considering vacations when creating your parenting plan is crucial because they won’t fit into the normal pattern of life. You may need to travel when the kids are meant to be with your co-parent. They might want to take the children away when they’re meant to be with you. Talking about this now and including clauses to deal with it can spare problems later.

You’ll also need to consider holidays. Grandparents may get upset if the children never visit for Thanksgiving or Christmas any longer because the parenting plan always seems to have them with the others side of the family on those dates.

It’s important to have legal guidance to deal with this and any other matters you have in a divorce. This will help you protect your rights and work toward the agreements you’re seeking.