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Divorce FAQ

When your marriage is coming to an end, the divorce process can bring about many questions. Concerns about the future of your family and finances can create uncertainty, fear and animosity. Because divorce is an emotional time for you and your spouse, an attorney at your side can help manage the process fairly and efficiently.

When you come to the Law Office of J. Patrick Henry, your needs in divorce are served with personal attention and candid advice. Whether you are facing a contested divorce or want to reach an amicable settlement, we understand that you have many questions and we want to help address your concerns along the way.

Answering Your Biggest Questions In Divorce

To help you take the first steps in moving forward with your life beyond divorce, we provide a guide to the questions our firm often answers about the process. Here are three frequently asked questions about divorce.

Will I Receive Custody Of My Children?

All custody decisions are made in the best interests of the children. However, Tennessee courts recognize that both parents should have a role in the lives of their children. Although your marriage may be over, your role as a parent will continue after divorce. We’ll advocate for a custody arrangement that is fair to you — and your children.

How Is My Property Divided?

Your home, vehicles and retirement accounts are all subject to division in divorce. Tennessee is an “equitable distribution” state. This process means property is divided in a way that gives both you and your spouse a chance at a fair outcome in life after marriage.

How Do I Get Started With The Process?

You can begin the divorce process with a free initial consultation with our firm. Call 865-248-0409 or send an email to schedule your appointment with a lawyer at our office in Kingston today.